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JSA Investors Club Feature: Kelowna Vacation Property AKA ‘Cash Machine’

When it comes to real estate investing it’s often said that ‘cash is king’. This lakeside presale opportunity in booming Kelowna is the perfect opportunity for investors looking to boost their monthly cash flows, while investing in a greatly appreciating neighborhood.

Introducing AQUA, a multiple phase development in Kelowna’s new Lower Mission resort district.  This property is zoned for vacation rentals and equipped with luxury amenities such as the AQUA boat club. Vacationers will no doubt be willing to pay a premium to experience the finest Kelowna has to offer, especially during the summer months where Airbnb can currently fetch $300-600 per night or see monthly revenues between $7,500 – $15,000!

With homes starting from the mid $400,000’s and mortgage rates back at record lows, the cash flow opportunities are too good to pass on for many investors. Sales for this vacation zoned development will be starting early Summer and are expected to go very fast. 

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