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"We have proven time and time again that our listings sell for more. It's about knowing your audience, targeting the correct buyers and working tirelessly to get as many qualified people as possible through the door." - Jordon Sutton

It's about making your property stand out. Having all eyes on your home.
It All Starts with a Plan

It All Starts with a Plan

We will create a custom-tailored approach that considers your needs and wants with current market conditions to result in the best possible outcome. We want to know all of the amazing things about your home - what you've updated, what is original and the back story behind it, what you put into the landscpaing, how great the neighbours are. We want to become experts on your home so we can excell in selling it for the best price within the best timeline. We will have professional marketing materials created, and work with you to develop a timeline, price point, next steps and ultimate goal within this process. We even have an in-house staging expert who can meet with you to make the most of your space. We're with you every step of the way to provide advice and guidance so that your journey is enjoyable and successful.

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